John Mueller

Waypoint Studio
1602 Cove Ave #5
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541.786.5761


Artist Statement


My background in art metals/jewelry and experiences as a museum preparator have profoundly influenced my approach to sculptural work. These disciplines have ingrained in me a thorough appreciation for the preciousness of materials, the significance of meticulous detail, and the power of presentation—all of which are fundamental elements that I infuse into my art.


My mixed-medium sculptural pieces are meant to challenge conventional perceptions of art. They serve as a platform for my explorations into formal presentation, containment, and rarification concepts, as well as the transformative potential of utilitarian items. I strive to transform what is often overlooked into compelling, thought-provoking art.


In my current projects, I utilize the inherent impact of formal presentations to engage viewers. By rarifying everyday objects and employing traditional forms of display, I craft a first impression designed to captivate and intrigue. This initial engagement is a gateway to deeper reflection, making complex ideas and concepts accessible and stimulating through the strategic use of found objects. Whether these objects inspire a piece or are deliberately sought out to express an existing concept, they are integral to the narrative of my work.

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